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Satisfied employees are a main priority of any business. As for the methods that can be used to increase employee comfort, among them is the necessity to allow different payment methods. And payment by check is still a popular choice. Checksify payroll check maker provides fast and high-quality payment by checks, which can be printed at the office or at home. Try out all its convenient options today!
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Things You Can Get From Checksify

Here are more reasons why we are the best:
  • There is no limit to the number of blank checks you can create
  • Checksify allows printing checks on blank check stock or white paper
  • No additional charges
  • Double verification to protect all accounts
  • Service guarantees printing payroll checks easily, saving your time and money

Writing out checks takes a long time. Checksify is an excellent solution that allows you to quickly and efficiently solve the task. Users can create payroll checks online and print them out in seconds. Checksify enables you to pay your employees regularly without wasting time writing checks by hand. More than 8,000 US banks accept printable checks that comply with all legal requirements. Checksify guarantees fast receipt without manual check writing.

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How to Make a Payroll Check with Checksify

Checksify makes it quick and easy to create payroll checks. To create a check, you need to follow a few simple steps. Let’s review them below:

Documentation preparation

To pay wages by check, employees must complete their W-4 forms. In addition, it is necessary to determine the amount of federal taxes. Employees must also provide an identification number. You can obtain it through the IRS or in person.

Register on Checksify

Registering with the service allows you to generate pre-printed checks. Using the service is very simple because you do not need to install software on your device. However, you need to fill out the form and enter your name, email address, and password to get started.

Add bank account information

After the information is added once, it can be added to the check automatically in the future. To print payroll checks at home or office, you need the following data:
  • Your name
  • Your routing number
  • Your account number
You can also add the address or name of your bank through the same form and even your company logo. Then, Checksify generates checks. You can make the first check immediately after filling out the form.

Create your first paycheck

With Checksify, you can create blank and standard paychecks. Before printing, each created check can be reviewed, edited, saved, or downloaded as a PDF file.
Checksify payroll check printing services allow you to forget about stress and the need for manual input.
Improve your check-printing experience by using Checksify
Forget about unnecessary stress and hours of handwriting. Sign up today and start creating professional payroll checks right away!

Reasons to Try Checksify

The service, with all its benefits, is popular among thousands of satisfied clients. You can quickly become one of them! There are some key reasons to choose this solution over other similar products.
Checksify Works Fast
No need to spend days waiting for the bank to deliver your checkbook. Checksify payroll check printing software allows you to create and print any amount of checks quickly and easily.
Checksify Is Convenient
The check can be created on any device. So whether you use Mac, PC, or mobile phone, your check will look equally impressive.
Checksify Is Affordable
This solution is affordable for any person. There is clear pricing with no additional fees.
Checksify Cares About Your Security
The software is totally safe. The double authentication process keeps all personal data protected.
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Client’s Reviews

  • Review avatar
    Marissa E.
    Book store owner
    I used many services, but Checksify is the best. Most of the services on the market are pretty complicated to use. But Checksify provides easy registration and an easy-to-use platform. I use the printer at work to print paychecks. It’s a convenient solution.
  • Review avatar
    Jeremy R.
    As a business owner that uses checks for employees, I can say that it’s an exhausting process. But now, I don’t have to spend time handwriting all the checks. This solution saves me lots of time.
  • Review avatar
    Hanna F.
    I had to order checkbooks from the bank and fill them manually to create checks before. But Checksify helped make the process much more accessible and convenient. I highly recommend this solution for those who have to write hundreds of checks a day. You would be surprised how much time and effort you can save.
  • Review avatar
    Gary K.
    Checksify helps me to print payroll checks quickly. Moreover, there is a free version. I can assure you that once you try it, you will use it on a permanent basis.

Frequent Questions

Below, let’s have a look at some of the most common questions.
Any plan guarantees the successful creation of payroll checks. As for the Professional plan, it’s convenient if you have two or more bank accounts and there is a need to access created checks for 30+ days.
No, but you have to provide your bank account. Then, if you need to print more checks in the future, the information can be reused automatically
There is no service for this. But the Start or Professional plan provides access to all the created checks anytime you need.
You can use plain white paper, but check stock would look more professional.
The number of payroll checks is unlimited. We take care of your payroll checks creation so that you can concentrate on your business tasks. You would be surprised how much time you save.
Make the most out of your time with Checksify.
Focus on business tasks while we take care of your payroll checks creation.
Other Things From Checksify
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