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Creating checks has never been easier than it is with Checksify. There is no need to waste your time purchasing and waiting for checkbooks to be delivered. Now you can easily create personal checks online. Creating a check using Checksify takes no more than 15 seconds, after which they can be printed on any printer.
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What opportunities does Checksify Offer?

Choosing Checksify is an excellent solution that gives you the ability to:
  • Design your own personal checks with different options
  • Create valid personal checks without watermarks
  • Use simple white paper or blank check stocks to print personal checks
  • Choose a payment plan depending on your individual needs

Checksify is a modern and efficient tool that allows you to print personal and business checks. This innovative solution has changed the way checks are created by enabling you to create a personal check online and print it to pay for goods and services from any device.

Particular attention is paid to the issue of safety. All account information is protected by two-factor authentication.

How to create a Personal Check with Checksify?

Checksify allows you to quickly and efficiently create printable personal checks. The user needs to register, confirm their email, and set up a bank account to get started. After that, a toolbar will become available where you can create your own personal checks. There are a few simple steps to follow to complete the task.

Enter Check Values

For the check to be accepted by the bank, it must contain the number, date, amount, and Payee's name. You can add additional information to a pre-printed check to make it look more professional, such as the payee address, but this is optional.

Choose Bank Account

Creating checks with Checksify is qualitatively different from filling out checks manually when you need to enter the account number, routing number, name, and bank each time. Instead, Checksify users enter information once when setting up a bank account and then use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate option.

Generate Your Check

Users of Checksify can choose one of 3 templates: top, middle, and bottom. You can even save created personal checks in PDF format and send them by email.
You Don’t Necessarily Need A Pen And A Checkbook To Create A Valid Personal Check
Checksify is an excellent modern checkbook alternative that allows you to create checks 100% accepted by banks in just a few seconds.

The Benefits of Checksify

Checksify has many benefits guaranteed to be appreciated by all those who test the tool. This web application creates quality checks accepted by over 8,000 US banks. At the same time, Checksify has a user-friendly interface. If you have any additional questions, you can ask the support service. The tool is constantly updated with new features for ease of use.
Checksify has 100,000+ customers in the US, and this number is constantly growing.
The main benefits of Checksify are as follows:
Saves Time
On average, it takes 10 minutes to write one check. But Checksify will solve this problem in 15 seconds. So, you can spend your time on something more useful or interesting.
Saves Money
Those who use Checksify can opt out of checkbooks. There is no longer a need to pay for their shipment by mail or delivery service.
Checksify offers a subscription that allows you to create your checks in unlimited quantities or pay with credits for the amount you need. This tool is user-friendly and accessible with no hidden fees.
Saves Nerves
For most people, paperwork is stressful. Every detail needs to be controlled when a check is filled out manually. After all, if there is an error, the check will not be accepted by the bank. Checksify has a convenient editor in which you can select the necessary information from the list and then correct the data.

What Clients Say About Checksify

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    Melissa D.
    Office manager
    I’m constantly using checks for my payments, and I know how exhausting filling them out by hand can be when you have to check every tiny detail carefully. But after I tried Checksify, everything changed! Now it’s an easy and automated process, which saves my time and nerves!
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    Marry B.
    I always hated checks and used them as little as possible. But recently, my friend told me about Checksify. I couldn’t believe how easy and convenient it is to use. If you care about your time and want to make personal checks fast, I highly recommend it.
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    Mike S.
    I’m always looking for new technologies that help save time and money. So Checksify was an easy choice for me. Now I can use any paper to print my checks, and it takes just a few seconds!
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    Richard M.
    I’m used to writing checks manually, but recently I found a much more modern solution. Checksify lets me create unlimited checks online, covering all my personal needs. I highly recommend it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any user has a lot of questions before starting to work with Checksify. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.
Yes, it is. Checksify allows users to create standard, blank and voided checks. First, you need to log into your account, and on the toolbar, check the corresponding box. A blank check contains the user's bank details and empty fields in which, if necessary, you can enter the amount and payee. A voided check also includes financial information, but it contains a “Void” watermark.
There are several ways personalized check printing is supported by Checksify:
  • The user can specify their information and the complete payee data, such as an address, name, etc.
  • The user can set up a bank account and add a company emblem or logo.
  • The user can choose the top, middle, or bottom template for checks, depending on the payment purpose.
Many users have their official letterheads, which can also be used for printing checks.
Yes, there are numerous opportunities. Nowadays, the tool is widely used for both personal and business needs. The list of professions, which can use Checksify, is broad. It includes all the people who, in their daily life or working activities, use checks and need to make the process of creating and printing checks fast and easy.
Modern financial institutions widely use this technology to process checks and other documents. The user gets his account number and bank routing number typed using MICR font.
In fact, there is no principle difference. Checksify allows its users to make their own checks, which American banks accept. The product was created by professionals who considered all the required standards. But at the same time, Checksify opens up numerous opportunities for users, who can save their time and money compared to getting checkbooks from a bank. In most cases, the delivery takes up to a few weeks, while with Checksify, checks are available in a few seconds.
Tired of filling out your checks manually?
Choose smart solutions! Checksify saves your time and money!
Other Useful Features of Checksify
If you’ve decided to abandon the outdated way of writing checks and pay attention to Checksify, you are on the right track. We will allow you to optimize the process of creating checks, avoiding errors and saving time. Below we provide additional links that contain more helpful information about Checksify.